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JAN 24, 2024

SOURCE: Business Wire

Elegen Announces Multi-year Collaboration and Licensing Agreement with GSK

GSK has signed a collaboration & licensing agreement to leverage Elegen’s cell-free DNA manufacturing technology in the development of GSK’s vaccines & medicines.

JAN 31, 2024

SOURCE: SynbioBeta

Health and Medicine News: Elegen Partners with GSK

Exclusive Interview: Elegen CEO Matthew Hill on new collaboration with GSK.

JAN 27, 2024

SOURCE: Life Science Success Podcast

Life Science Success Podcast: Cell-free DNA Synthesis of Industry Leading Long and Complex DNA

In this episode of Life Science Success Don Davis interviews guest Matt Hill, founder and CEO of Elegen, a privately-held company based in the San Francisco Bay Area, committed to revolutionizing synthetic biology workflows with an innovative DNA writing technology.

JAN 10, 2024

SOURCE: Business Intelligence Group

11 Executives, 47 Companies and 108 Products Win 2024 BIG Innovation Award

Business Intelligence Group Announces the Winners of the 2024 BIG Innovation Awards

Dec 04, 2023

SOURCE: Technology Networks

Synthetic DNA Advances Will Catalyze the Next Wave of Biotherapeutic Innovation

Recent innovations in DNA manufacturing are helping eliminate critical bottlenecks to bring new therapies to market faster than ever.

OCT 31, 2023

SOURCE: Nature Biotechnology

DNA Writing Technologies Moving Towards Synthetic Genomes

Nature reviews the latest advancements in DNA synthesis and the key challenges the new players like Elegen are quickly overcoming.

OCT 03, 2023

SOURCE: Biocompare

Cell Expansion for Cell Therapies

Biocompare recently published on the challenges of scaling cell therapies. Part of this challenge starts UPSTREAM in determining the optimal DNA sequence for expansion–a time-consuming, resource-intensive process.

JUL 01, 2023

SOURCE: Drug Discovery World Magazine

Accelerating Biotherapy and Personalized Medicine with Long DNA

Matt Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen writes about the importance of innovation in DNA synthesis to address critical bottlenecks in biotherapy development.

JUN 14, 2023

SOURCE: BIOS Community

BIOS Builders Episode 15

Featuring Matt Hill – Founder & CEO of Elegen

MAY 23, 2023


Elegen Early Access Partners Receive High-Complexity, Long DNA Sequences in Rapid Time

DNA lengths of 15,000 base pairs and higher represent twice the length of the Company’s recently launched flagship product, ENFINIA DNA, and industry-leading complexity and turnaround time

MAY 16, 2023


Elegen Launches New Online Ordering Portal for Rapid, High-Accuracy, Long DNA

Company focuses on ease of use, utility, and speed to increase ENFINIA DNA’s impact on workflow efficiency and productivity.

APR 24, 2023

SOURCE: Forbes

Synthetic Biology Is Set To Explode, But Only Once This Huge Bottleneck Is Gone

Guest author John Cumbers, CEO of SynBioBeta meets with Elegen Founder and CEO, Matthew Hill

APR 20, 2023

SOURCE: Mendelspod

Elegen Pioneers Long DNA Subindustry with CEO, Matt Hill

Mendelspod Podcast Featuring Elegen CEO and Founder, Matthew Hill

APR 12, 2023

SOURCE: GenomeWeb

Synthetic DNA Startup Elegen Gains Traction With Customers, Funders

Note: GenomeWeb Premium Subscription Required

MAR 21, 2023


Elegen Launches ENFINIA DNA

New product delivers up to 7kb of high-accuracy DNA in as fast as 7 days, providing an unparalleled combination of speed, length, and quality to the synthetic biology market

FEB 09, 2023


Enabling the Synthetic Biology Revolution

The team at Elegen knows that when barriers to the fast, accurate, and low-cost synthesis of long DNA fall, biotechnology will be driven by the design-build-test-learn cycle