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Video - Introducing ENFINIA DNA: Rapid, Cell Free, Long, Complex, NGS-verified, DNA synthesis

Produced from Elegen’s proprietary cell-free DNA production technology, ENFINIA Linear DNA provides unprecedented speed, length, and quality. Shipped in 6 to 8 business days and up to 7kb in length, ENFINIA DNA arrives NGS-verified with a 99.999% per base accuracy or 1:70.000 per base error rate, ready for immediate use without cloning. Unlock your synthetic biology workflows and save weeks to months on top of the personnel and equipment costs required for cell based cloning.

Webinar - BioInsights - Accelerate CGT development with cell-free synthesis of long, complex synthetic DNA from Elegen

In this webinar, members of the Elegen team will discuss improvements they have made to enable the cell-free synthesis of ENFINIA™ DNA constructs.

Webinar - Drug Discovery World - Where are the breakthroughs in mRNA drug discovery and development

Matthew Hill, founder and CEO of Elegen joins a Drug Discovery World webinar to discuss the DNA supply bottleneck in mRNA drug development workflows and how Elegen uses an innovative approach to DNA synthesis to supply biopharma companies rapidly and reliably with long, accurate, dsDNA. With ENFINIA DNA, scientists can eliminate several steps of the traditional mRNA therapy screening and production processes to bring new therapies to market faster.

Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen joins guest panel at SynbioBeta 2023

Evolution of DNA Supply, What Advances in DNA Synthesis will Unlock the Agile Development of Biology.

Chris Ghadban, Principal of Alix Ventures, moderates a panel of guests including Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen, Jacob Becraft, Co-Founder and CEO of Strand Therapeutics, Tim Lu, Co-founder and CEO of Senti Bio, Cristina Butterfield, Sr. Director of Biochemistry at Metagenomi, and Patrick Boyle, Organism Designer at Ginkgo Bioworks, to discuss how a better solution for DNA synthesis will enable synthetic biologists to realize the promise of programmable biology.

Matthew Hill, Making The Dream Of Synthetic Biology A Reality, Panel Discussion at BIO2023

Recorded at the BIO2023 International Convention, Julianna LeMieux, Deputy Editor and Chief of Genetic Engineering News moderates this discussion about the impacts and future of DNA synthesis and synthetic biology with industry thought leaders Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen, Madoo Varma, VP of Business Development at DNA Script, Elaine Shapland, Sr. Director of Build Technology Development at Ginkgo Bioworks, and Daniel Arlo, CEO of Ansa.

Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen at Synbiobeta 2023

Update on the latest advancements of Elegen’s products and technology, presented at the Synbiobeta 2023 conference, by Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO.