The Top 25 Biotechnology Companies of 2024

SOURCE: The Healthcare Technology Report

March 6, 2024

Elegen has been named among the Top 25 Biotechnology Companies of 2024 by the Healthcare Technology Report

Top 25 Biotech Companies 2024

Elegen is a pioneering biotech company with an innovative cell-free technology to manufacture made-to-order DNA, delivering an industry-leading combination of sequence length, complexity, accuracy, and speed. The ability to receive custom DNA in 7 days without compromising any of these factors enables companies to shave months off the development of mRNA vaccines, cell and gene therapies, and individualized medicines.

Elegen commercially launched ENFINIA™ DNA in March 2023. At 7,000 base pairs, ENFINIA DNA is 2x longer than linear DNA provided by any other DNA manufacturer, with an accuracy 20x higher. The company continues to push the boundaries, providing early access partners with DNA up to 20,000 base pairs and a higher sequence complexity that other manufacturers reject. Earlier this year, Elegen and GSK announced a multi-year collaboration and licensing agreement to use the Elegen’s cell-free DNA manufacturing technology in the development of GSK’s medicines and vaccines, including mRNA vaccines.

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