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NGS Verified, Cell Free DNA Synthesis Delivers Industry Leading Speed, Length, and Quality

ENFINIA DNA – Long, Complex, Accurate, Linear DNA Synthesis

NGS verified, cell free DNA synthesis
Linear DNA from 1 to 7kb
Error rates as low as 1:70,000 per bp (99.999% per base accuracy)
Shipped in 6 to 8 business days

ENFINIA - Long Linear DNA

NGS Verified, Cell free DNA Synthesis for Industry Leading Speed, Quality, and Length

We use our innovative cell free DNA synthesis technology to rapidly produce long, complex, linear DNA without compromising accuracy or quality. Use ENFINIA DNA directly in your synthetic biology workflows with minimal or no cloning and save weeks or months of time.

Skip cloning and streamline your workflows

NGS verified linear DNA up to 7000 bp shipped in 6 to 8 business days

Error rates as low as 1:70,000 per bp (99.999% per base accuracy)

Now Available: High Complexity Sequences

Elegen announces expanded sequence acceptance criteria for high-complexity ENFINIA DNA

ENFINIA™ DNA with enhanced high-complexity cell-free DNA synthesis provides rapid and reliable access the most challenging sequences, including long repeats and STRs, GC-rich promoters, enhancers, terminators, ITRs, LTRs, and homopolymers. Delivered NGS-verified as fast as 10 business days.

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Introducing ENFINIA DNA: Rapid, Cell Free, Long, Complex, NGS-verified, DNA synthesis

Produced from Elegen's proprietary cell-free DNA production technology, ENFINIA DNA provides unprecedented speed, length, and quality. Shipped in 6 to 8 business days and up to 7kb in length, ENFINIA DNA arrives NGS-verified with a 99.999% per base accuracy or 1:70.000 per base error rate, ready for immediate use without cloning. Unlock your synthetic biology workflows and save weeks to months on top of the personnel and equipment costs required for cell based cloning.

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Elegen Raises $35 Million in Series B to Accelerate Expansion into Clinical Manufacturing

Elegen announced a Series B financing of $35 million led by Triatomic Capital. Also joining the round are strategic investors GSK, which recently entered a collaboration and licensing agreement with Elegen to use their proprietary cell-free DNA manufacturing technology in developing GSK’s vaccines and medicines; John Ballantyne, co-founder of Aldevron; and existing investors.

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Innovation to Advance the Bioeconomy

Infectious Disease

As genetic medicine developers race to evolve mRNA vaccine programs for the next outbreak, a reliable, rapid supply of accurate, long DNA will be necessary to solve a critical bottleneck in DNA supply. A reliable supply of high-accuracy, full-length DNA that does not require further purification through cloning can be immediately used for mRNA synthesis by in vitro transfection, displacing traditional master cell bank (MCB) workflows to save months of time and costs.

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icn cell and gene therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy

Rapid access to high-accuracy long DNA for gene synthesis can help make your gene therapy platform scalable, robust, productive and simple. By delivering highly accurate linear synthetic DNA at lengths up to 7kb, shipped in 6 to 8 business days, cell and gene therapy programs can save 2-3 weeks with every order and over 3 months with every project by skipping early rounds of cloning and directly assembling custom expression cassettes into plasmids for downstream cell expansion.

Food and Agriculture

To identify and study genes and pathways linked to desirable traits important in combating exponentially growing challenges in food security and sustainability, scientists use synthetic biology tools to build highly accurate de novo assemblies, or complex synthetic gene circuits that can reach over 40kb in size. Rapid access to high-accuracy long DNA at lengths up to 7kb can eliminate early rounds of gene synthesis and assembly, cutting out as much as 10 weeks of assembly and cloning.

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icn Biomanufacturing


The combination of synthetic biology and evolving cell-free technologies has shown promise as a core technology for just-in-time manufacturing of valuable small molecules, therapeutically relevant biologics, antibodies, cytokines, and more. Reliable access to highly accurate, longer synthetic DNA building blocks can streamline the construction of multi-part, programmable molecular circuits by removing early assembly and cloning steps – saving weeks.

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Our Vision

The growing bioeconomy will demand synthetic biology performed on a scale not possible without innovation of the DNA manufacturing process. Elegen will help the builders in the next evolution of synthetic biology eliminate expensive, time and capital-intensive workflows by using innovative methods and technologies to provide fast-turnaround, high-accuracy, complex, long, synthetic DNA.

Matthew Hill, Founder and CEO of Elegen

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