Streamline workflows with long and complex DNA that does not compromise on accuracy


Linear DNA from 1 to 7kb – NGS verified
Error rates as low as 1:70,000 per bp
Shipped in 6 to 8 business days


Rapid, Cell Free, Long, Complex, NGS-verified, DNA synthesis

Produced from Elegen's proprietary cell-free DNA production technology, ENFINIA DNA provides unprecedented speed, length, and quality. Shipped in 6 to 8 business days and up to 7kb in length, ENFINIA DNA arrives NGS-verified with a 99.999% per base accuracy or 1:70.000 per base error rate, ready for immediate use without cloning. Unlock your synthetic biology workflows and save weeks to months on top of the personnel and equipment costs required for cell based cloning.

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Streamline your gene synthesis workflow going from design to experiment

icn faster turnaround
Faster Turnaround


business days

DNA shipped in 6 – 8 business days.
Go from ideas to results faster.

icn longer dna
Longer DNA

up to 7kb

in length

Longer dsDNA fragments.
Skip cloning and streamline your workflow.

icn superior accuracy
Superior Accuracy

NGS Verified

1:70,000 per bp error rate

DNA so accurate,
it simplifies your workflow.

  • Plan with confidence
  • Execute on time
  • Get more done
  • Plan with confidence
  • Execute on time
  • Get more done

Superior Accuracy Without Compromise

figure superior accuracy without compromise

Elegen applies innovative technology and methods to produce DNA products that are fundamentally differentiated and disruptive. ENFINIA DNA is high-accuracy, linear, double-stranded DNA at lengths up to 7kb with a per base accuracy of 99.999% and an error rate as low as 1:70:000 bp. Compared to industry-leading gene fragment suppliers, ENFINIA DNA is twice as long and over 20 times more accurate without the long turnaround or costly DIY workflows inherent to conventional methods.

High Accuracy Long DNA Synthesis

Low Error Rate Regardless of Length

figure high accuracy gene synthesis

Elegen reliably delivers DNA up to 7kb with more than 95% of the molecules sequence perfect. Traditional gene fragments have an error rate of 1 in 3500, meaning laborious traditional cloning is often required for your workflow. Elegen’s unique process yields superior DNA that can often be used without traditional cloning in many high-throughput workflows. When clonal DNA is required, Elegen’s DNA streamlines your workflow by simplifying assembly of longer DNA while letting you pick far fewer colonies.

Rapid High Complexity Synthesis

Get Highly Complex DNA In Just 10 Business Days

figure very complex DNA synthesis

ENFINIA™ DNA with enhanced high-complexity cell-free DNA synthesis provides rapid and reliable access the most challenging sequences, including long repeats and STRs, GC-rich promoters, enhancers, terminators, ITRs, LTRs, and homopolymers. Delivered NGS-verified as fast as 10 business days.

Get Very Complex DNA That Most Suppliers Reject - FAST

Successful Synthesis Of 90/98 Sequences Commonly Rejected By Other Suppliers

figure very complex DNA synthesis chart

With our enhanced high-complexity cell-free DNA synthesis process we successfuly synthesized 90/92 highly complex sequences. The highest rate of acceptance from 3 market leading DNA synthesis providers was only 58%. With ENFINIA, you can now have high-complexity DNA delivered NGS-verified and shipped in 6 to 8 business days.

Here's how our DNA meets your needs

Sequence Submission Acceptance Criteria


  1. ENFINIA DNA can be ordered at a standard synthesis yield of 1-3 µg or higher synthesis yield of 5-15 µg or 20-60 µg.
  2. ENFINIA DNA will be delivered as dried down linear double-stranded DNA in a 96 well plate, one sequence per well.
  3. Each ENFINIA DNA sequence contains a 46 bp adapter on the 5’ end and a 42 bp adapter on the 3’ end of the desired sequence. Adapter sequences are provided.
  4. Each ENFINIA DNA sequence is verified by NGS before shipment.

* The QC methods currently used for ENFINIA DNA production may not reliabley measer homopolymer sequences longer than 10 bp. An accepted sequence containing homopolymers longer than 10 bp may contain molecules where the homopolymer is shorter or longer than expected.
†Certain sequence complexities or combinations of complexities may not be compatible at lengths greater than 5,500 bp.

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