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Research & Discovery

Evaluate a Broader Sequence Space Faster

Despite significant advancements, the field of Synthetic Biology has yet to fully deliver on its promise of a world where we can overcome the challenges we face in human health and our environment by programming biology itself. To help, the team at Elegen is bringing novel, innovative cell-free synthesis technologies to DNA manufacturing. With an industry-leading combination of length, speed, complexity, and accuracy, ENFINIA DNA has disrupted the status quo for gene synthesis. Now scientists and researchers have access to longer and more complex DNA without waiting months.

Save weeks with every iteration and months off every project

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With ENFINIA DNA, scientists and researchers can short-circuit the tedious, slow, process of building long, complex DNA, without compromising on reliability. Instead assembling, cloning, and sequencing short DNA fragments with error rates high error rates or waiting weeks for high-quality clonal synthesis services, ENFINA DNA provide long, complex, NGS-verified DNA in a matter of days. Imagine being able to transition designs to functional testing at lightning-fast speeds, with fewer restrictions on sequence complexity? This is the future of Synthetic Biology, and Elegen is leading the charge with a new class of DNA.

mRNA Vaccines and Therapy

Unlock Development Pipelines

figure Accelerated mRNA Vaccine Development

mRNA vaccine candidates are produced by in vitro transcription, a process where a linearized DNA template with an attached poly-A tail is enzymatically transcribed into an mRNA molecule. To produce enough high-quality DNA template for mRNA synthesis, conventional workflows have relied on a tedious and cumbersome molecular cloning process to produce a master cell bank (MCB). Plasmid DNA is purified from MCB cells, linearized, and transcribed into mRNA using in vitro transcription. ENFINIA DNA is delivered in 6-8 business days already at the length and quality required for in vitro transcription. This eliminates the entire workflow from DNA assembly and cloning to MCB production and plasmid purification, saving up to 15 weeks of time and effort.

Cell & Gene Therapy and Agricultural Biology

Save Time With Longer, More Complex DNA Inserts

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Cell and gene therapy developers, as well as food and agriculture researchers have become accustomed to assembling and cloning short DNA fragments into longer and more complex DNA before inserting it into a vector backbone. This hierarchical build process can take months depending on the length and complexity of the final construct. ENFINIA DNA is produced using a proprietary cell-free synthesis technology and delivered at lengths up to 7kb in 6-8 business days. Since ENFINIA DNA does not come in contact with cells and arrives NGS-verfied, inserts can be assembled directly into a vector immediately.