Highly Complex DNA Without Compromise

ENFINIA High-Complexity DNA Synthesis – Now Available
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Linear DNA from 1 to 7kb – NGS verified
Error rates as low as 1:70,000 per bp
High-complexity DNA shipped in 6 to 8 business days

Now Accepting High Complexity Sequences

Elegen’s latest ENFINIA™ DNA synthesis enhancement provides access to very challenging sequences, including long repeats and STRs, GC-rich promoters, enhancers, terminators, ITRs, LTRs, and homopolymers. Elegen’s cell free process eliminated the need for time-consuming cloning and purification.

figure very complex DNA synthesis

Elegen’s expanded sequence acceptance criteria now enable the synthesis of long linear dsDNA that includes:

  • Inverted terminal repeats (ITRs), including AAV ITRs
  • Difficult promoters and enhancers (e.g. R6K, CaMV 35S, SV40, IRES, GAL4-UAS)
  • Hairpins up to 100bp
  • A/T homopolymers up to 30bp
  • G/C homopolymers up to 15bp
  • Short tandem repeats (STRs) up to 60b
  • Long repeats up to 150bp, including lentivirus LTRs
  • 100bp regions of 12% to 85% GC content
  • Greater flexibility on the position of complex regions



  1. ENFINIA DNA can be ordered at a standard synthesis yield of 1-3 µg or higher synthesis yield of 5-15 µg or 20-60 µg.
  2. ENFINIA DNAwill be delivered as dried down linear double-stranded DNA in a 96 well plate, one sequence per well.
  3. Each ENFINIA DNA sequence contains a 46 bp adapter on the 5’ end and a 42 bp adapter on the 3’ end of the desired sequence. Adapter sequences are provided.
  4. Each ENFINIA DNA sequence is verified by NGS before shipment.

* At this time, the QC methods we use for production do not provide high confidence in fidelity of A/T homopolymer sequences longer than 10bp. A/T homopolymer sequences up to 20bp will be accepted, but we cannot guarantee synthesis quality above 10bp. We are working to address this in the near future.
† Certain sequence complexities or combinations of complexities may not be compatible at lengths greater than 5,500 bp.


15% off your next order of HIGH-COMPLEXITY ENFINA DNA
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