Application Note: Minimizing the Risk of Impurities Derived from PCR

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a cornerstone technique in molecular biology, crucial for amplifying specific DNA sequences with high fidelity. In applications such as molecular cloning, where the purity of PCR products directly impact downstream success, the quality of synthetic DNA templates plays a pivotal role.

This application note explores a comparative study between two providers of synthetic gene fragments: Elegen’s ENFINIA™ DNA and sequences from Supplier A. Both suppliers furnished templates comprising a common plasmid backbone (pUC19) and a fluorescent protein gene (eGFP), enabling a direct assessment of PCR product and sequence purity.

Gene cloning often requires significant time which can delay the discovery process. This study highlights the importance of selecting high-quality synthetic DNA templates for optimizing PCR-based molecular cloning workflows, ultimately enhancing experimental outcomes while saving time and expense by eliminating time-consuming cleanup tasks.

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