Asimov Advances the Design and Manufacture of Next-Generation Therapeutics with ENFINIA™ DNA

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Asimov is developing synthetic biology platform that integrates both biological and computational approaches to enhance the design and production of next-generation therapeutics. Their computer-aided design software is being applied to biologics, viral vectors, and RNA therapeutics to improve manufacturing outcomes through optimized or customized genetic sequences. One of the biggest challenges Asimov faces is the reliable synthesis of the DNA fragments for vector construction.

“Elegen material comes at a much higher yield than other vendors, but because we estimate that 95% of our cloning works the first time, we end up not using much material at all!”

Learn how Elegen provides DNA fragments with a higher level of accuracy and length, enabling the immediate use of these fragments in plasmid assembly and the cloning pipeline, and streamlining the process for Asimov’s applications.

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