Synthetic DNA has a critical role in making the next generation of health treatment possible. I want to see the next generation of disease/virus treatment including precision medicine, targeted/immuno-therapies and rapid vaccine development. Elegen accelerates that for everyone, and I'm here for it!

Jonas Sung

R&D Engineer

Employee Spotlight

What do you like most about working for Elegen?

It’s simply exciting to see our contributions have an impact on the company while being able to learn something new every day. The people at Elegen are passionate and focused on our shared mission. Being in this type of environment is highly motivating and makes my job fun!

Also, people sometimes laugh at my dad jokes (thank you team).

Proudest Elegen Accomplishment?

Technical: I’m most proud of building our most recent oligo synthesizer prototype which is a product of our multidisciplinary knowledge, lessons learned, invaluable feedback, and the driving need for high performance and reliability.

Non-technical: Installing a nice espresso machine in the breakroom – game changer. Saved money and boosted productivity, all while practicing some latte art!


When I’m not in the lab, I like to do portrait/event photography and video projects. I am also very passionate about exploring music and love to DJ at gigs. In the past year, I have taken up dance classes, tennis, and rekindled my interest in golf!